Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Persistent Hyacinths

We moved into our existing home about 20 years ago in January. The Hyacinths that popped up near our doorstep as the first sign of Spring were like a surprise house warming gift. Every year I anxiously watch for them to peek up through the soil to convince me that Spring is just around the corner. Every year they make me pause in amazement that they come up at all! I do not know which previous owner planted them but they could be 50 years old or more.

They emerge to greet the first mild weather, only to be assaulted by cold and snow several times before the warm days stay long enough for them to bloom. After their flowers and foliage are gone, we forget they are there and are constantly stomped on as we access the nearby water faucet all Summer and I never think to fertilize them.

I cannot explain how they survive so much abuse and neglect. There are many mysteries of life in nature and I believe that my persistent Hyacinths must be one of them.


  1. Those hyacinths are beautiful! I can almost smell them in Alabama.

  2. Thank you! But you wouldn't believe... They are getting snowed on AGAIN as I type. Hopefully we won't get much but they are saying WINTER ADVISORY! Yes, "winter" advisory. Urgh! I've had enough and I'm sure these poor Hyacinths have had enough too!