Monday, February 16, 2009

Recycle Valentine Cards into Magnetic Bookmarks

Wow, another holiday behind us! If you need an idea for what to do with those Valentine’s cards you received, consider turning them into magnetic bookmarks. I published instructions on at Christmas, but any greeting cards work well. In fact, the small Valentine cards that kids give to each other are perfect to use for a young child’s project. The cards require little or no cutting and only take seconds to fold and add the magnet. So quick to make, they work well for groups of young kids too. They will need very little help (if any) and be so proud of their accomplishment.

Also, this would be a good time to recycle the leftover Valentine cards from earlier years sitting in the closet. How many of you saved the cards with the idea of using them the following year but forgot all about them and bought more? Dig them out now. See how many have plain hearts and Valentine words you can creatively trim away. Turn them into magnetic bookmarks for Mother’s Day.

Ready to get started? See the instructions HERE

These magnetic bookmarks were made with Christmas cards


  1. I love that way to recycle! It is so cool! I have such a stash of cards that I can use for this project! Are they quick and easy to make?

  2. They are very quick and easy. I had four 10yo's make about 50 in an hour and they were taking a bit of extra time cutting them into cool shapes with fancy scrapbooking scissors. I've had 6yo's make them too. A little slower but they spent more time picking out just the right card to use than the actual time it took to make the bookmark. LOL.